Diamond Valley Archers (DVA) is one of Australia's largest archery is arguably the best facilities on offer. At DVA you have the ability to participate in a wide variety of archery styles and have access to development tools to help you become as good an archer as you can.
DVA has developed and attracted some of the country's best archers with many National titles and Australian team berth's to their credit.
Steps to Get Started Club Times
If you wish to get involved in archery here are the steps to need to go through.

1) Visit DVA's beginner's night.
Starts at 7:30pm for 1.5 hours on Monday nights (indoors) and 10am on Saturday mornings for 2 hours (outdoors during fine weather, otherwise cancelled).
Just turn up* and for $20/person we provide you with equipment and instruction to try archery, beginning with recurve bows and progressing to compound bows.

* Bookings are not required at present but may be necessary in the future due to the recent explosion of interest in archery - please check the web site for changes before visiting.
DVA does not allow crossbows. Latecomers may miss out.

Monday Nights are now limited to the first 20 people

Please wear closed shoes. No thongs, sandles or bare feet allowed.

2) Join DVA.
Once you have tried archery for a few weeks you can join DVA by filling in the required forms and submitting your membership fee. The best time to do this is during the Monday night class as not all members can assist this at different times.

3) Purchase your equipment.
Once you join you will be required to use your own equipment. We strongly recommend you buy from a dedicated ARCHERY store. The closest stores to DVA are:
Urban Archery - Somerton
Oz Hunting and Bows - Dandenong

We do not recommend buying your first gear from eBay or online as you will need an experianced archery professional to fit you out correctly. This will save you alot of money and heartache.

4) Complete your qualifications.
ALL DVA members must complete a qualification scheme before they can progress to further distances outdoors.
This qualification system is there to protect the members, their equipment, the club and the public and is a major safety requirement. It is critically important.
DVA is very strict with this system and anyone found breaking this rule will find their membership revoked.
But never fear, it is easy to do.
You begin with supervised shooting at a distance of 20 metres on a 122cm target face on the outdoor target range. You must shoot 30 arrows (5 ends of 6 arrows) and achieve a designated score (based on bow type, age, gender, and distance). A club coach that has seen you shoot will then sign your scorecard and you will be given a card allowing you to shoot unsupervised at this distance. You may then also shoot at the next 10 metre distance (30m, 40m, 50m, etc, etc) while supervised.
You may NOT progress to a further distance untill you have qualified, even for 'just a few shots'.
You become fully qualified once you qualify at a specified distance for your bow type, age, etc. (e.g. 70m for adult compund archers).

To shoot on the Field Course, you must first qualify on the target range to at least 40m and must be shown around the field course and introduced to the special safety requirements by a DVA field representative. On the Field Course you must NOT shoot further that the qualified distance shown on your target range card.

Also (and this is VERY important) you must qualify with each bow you plan on using. If you qualify with compound bow and then purchase a longbow, you MUST re-qualify with the longbow from 20 metres.

5) Join club shoots, leagues and competitions

DVA encourages new members to get inolved in club events and competitions. Even if you feel that you are not ready to win, participating will help you improve and learn from the club's more experienced archers.

Come and Try Sessions.
7:30pm - 9:00pm
NON-Members Only.
Late comers may refused. - First 20 people only.
Coaching Course - 9pm-10:30pm. Registration and information on next course on button above.

Casual shooting. Members Only

Casual shooting and practise night. Help for new members provided by experianced archers if required while you practise. from 7pm-9pm.

Indoor Range Closed to archery from 6:30pm due to Fly Fishing club

League Scoring round night from 7pm. Come along and join in on shooting a structured round.
This is a handicap round so suits people of all experiances and is the best way to improve and develop your shooting.
Register here

Come and Try Sessions: 10am-12pm
Outdoor League from 11am.
Late comers may refused.

First Sunday of each month is Club Day. We shoot a scoring round in the morning, followed by a free BBQ lunch. ALL WELCOME.
Other Sundays are practise days. Come along during the day to practise.

2015-2016 Membership Rates - Download

Results 2014 Xmas Shoot Here
2014 Shooter of the Year Award

DVA ByLaws - Download
updated September 2013

DVA Rules of Association- Download updated July 2013

DVA Safety and Etiquette Guide- Download 2014 Edition - v1.2

DVA Newsletter
Winter 2011


See full Standings here

Place Archer   Points
Womens Compound
1 Aimee Faul -WC 106
2 Lydia Long -c 41
3 Kellie Tyson 40
4 Emily Graham 22
5 Tamara Hastie 19
Place Archer   Points
Mens Compound
1 Julian Howden 142
2 Troy Balmer 106
3 Harri Howden - mc 75
4 Jarrod Kneebone 68
5 David Faul 60
Place Archer   Points
Womens Recurve
1 Jan Lyons 133
2 Lydia Leong 123
3 Sheryn Licht 100
4 Carmen Gordon 15
Place Archer   Points
Mens Recurve
1 Steve Horne 127
2 Guenter Licht 125
3 Reece Lyons 104
4 Cody Salomonsson 60
5 Scott Mickey 46
Place Archer   Points
Jr Compound
1 Harri Howden 112
2 Devilliers Duvenage 103
3 Caitlin Howden 93
4 Aimee Faul 85
5 Elise Faul 84
Place Archer   Points
Jr Recurve
1 Scott Tung 53
2 Alexis McGuane 26

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