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August 3D One Day Results

  Shooter Class 1st 2nd Round 11's
1 Darrin Dwyer Barebow 82 71 153  
2 Bill Jovanovski Barebow 69 75 144  
3 Mark Slade Barebow 78 54 132  
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3D One Day July 2017 Results

  Shooter Class 1st 2nd Round 11's
1 Bill Jovanovski Barebow 103 95 198  
2 Jammie Harington Barebow 73 94 167  
3 Mark Slade Barebow 75 53 128  
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National Indoor Flight Information

matthew bonifacio Compound Cadet   Male Diamond Valley Archers Flight 1 @ 8:30 am
Robert Clarke Compound   Veterans Male Frankston Archery Club Flight 1 @ 8:30 am
Lachlan Di Battista Compound Cub   Male Werribee Archery Flight 1 @ 8:30 am
George Diamantopoulos Compound   Open
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DVA Indoor Open Flights

Flight 1

Zac, Jenkins Diamond Valley Archers Open Compound Male
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May One Day 3D Results

  Shooter Class 1st 2nd Round 11's
1 Ian Van Aperen Barebow     159  
2 Jammie Harington Barebow 85 93 178  
3 Ken Brown Barebow 66 82 148  
4 Mark Slade
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April 3D One Day Results

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3D 2 Day Shoot 25-26th March

3D AAA Two Day Event 25-26th March at Diamond Valley Archers

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January Indoor

Sunday 22nd January
Indoor Tournament at DVA
10am scoring starts
Round: 2 x Lancaster Rounds.
Same as Aust1 and Vegas scoring with the X scoring as a bonus point. Each round out of 330.
After lunch a shoot up will happen.
Archers will be ranked from the morning rounds.
Bottom ranked will shoot against second last.
3 ends. 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 scoring.
Winner plays next highest and so on until we have a winner.

Cost is $15 per person.

Prize money for top 4 places (value depends on entries)

1 division only

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New Years Day Yarrambat Shoot

DVA Yarrambat Target
Sunday 1st January,


AA 50/1440 (Select Intermediate Round) - Intermediate
All Longbow Divisions except Men’s Open
All Other Divisions

AA 40/1440 (Select Horsham Round) - Cubs & Joeys

Just for a bit of fun we are opening up the above to all Bow Types
Compound will use 6 ring Faces at the 2 shorter distances.

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Club Field Shoot 18th December

We'll be holding a Club Field shoot on the 18th of December.
Muster at the club rooms at 10am for a 24 target marked field round.
No charge for DVA members, visitors $10ea.
No lunch provided.



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