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Coaching Class Registration

44 September Coaching Class 1 5:30-7pm 9/9/2017 16 1


September 9th
This is a coaching course that is aimed at those who have joined and looking for some more instruction.
It will be a single one off class with hands on coaching for the whole session.

The classes will be limited to 16 people only so more one on one attention can be supplied.
Run by a number of DVA's competitive shooters and coaches.
Cost is free for DVA members.

Louis Naturani
Shaun Hastie
Tam Hastie
Faith Hastie
Kelvin Chun Wong
Adam Noble
Ann Sharrock
Nigel Weiland
Alex Giannoulidis
David Maffei
Andrew Ross
Haidar Abdul-Rashid
Mark Slade
mohammad tauseef
Anthony overmars