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3D at DVA

Enter the 13th August One Day Event

Series Standings Here


For 2017 DVA will be running a one day 3D series.
Format will be
As per 3DAAA rules for the following exceptions

• 3 Pegs will be used.
Orange Peg - 45m max
Yellow Peg - 36m max
Red Peg - 22m Max

• Divisions will be
Open: MBO, MBR, MBF and FBO Combined. Orange Peg
Hunter Class: Hunting equipment: Yellow Peg
Barebow: All barebow divisions: Yellow Peg
Youth: 13-17: Yellow Peg
Cub: Red Peg
KNOWN DISTANCE: NEW for August. We will trial a Range Finder Class (See below)
• Scoring: 11 ring in play. for 11, 10, 8, 5, Miss

• 15 targets set out, shot twice for 30 targets maximum

• A Grand Prix system will be maintained with points awarded to the placings
1st: 22
2nd: 18
3rd: 15
4th: 13
5th: 11
6th: 9
7th: 7

• KNOWN DISTANCE: For this class competitors will be allowed the use of a Range Finder. This may be shared amongst others in the class but participants MUST NOT pass on those distances to people in other classes. Competitors in this class will shoot the LONGEST PEG on each target. There will be no series winner for this class but will be places for this one event.
At the end of the 4 events a series winner for each of the 5 divisions will be named.

• Each event will end with a Shoot Down at the end. Top 10 Open scores will all shoot for the win. Highest score after each target stays in until only one remains.

• Dates for the 4 events will be.
April 30th- COMPLETED - Results
May 28th- COMPLETED - Results
June 11th Cancelled
July 30th- COMPLETED - Results
August 13th- COMPLETED - Results
27 Entries
Marcus Anear: Open
Enrico Gazzurra: Hunter
Mark Slade: Barebow
Jason Loiterton : Open
Addison Loiterton : cub
Craig Tyson: Hunter
John Aiello : Open
Alan Weston: Open
Ronnie Yap: Hunter
Darrin dwyer: Barebow
Darrin dwyer: Barebow
Alan Weston: Open
Mark Hewitt : Hunter
Alan Weston: Open
Clifford Wood: Hunter
Donald Stark: Barebow
Tristan Weiland: cub
Nigel Weiland: Hunter
George Diamantopoulos: known
Damien Sinclair: known
Tamara Hastie: known
Shaun Hastie: known
Patrick Kuhn: Open
Adam Noble: Hunter
David Maffei: Hunter
Jasper Kuhn: cub
jack fraid : Hunter