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Enter DVA Shoots

Upcoming Tournaments
Junior Diamond Pile

DVA hosts a large variety of shoots during the week.
Some of these events require registration either to reserve your spot or to make sure you can have your scores entered.

Friday Night League
Because our indoor range has limited space we need you to book in in order to reserve your spot.
This can be done via our League Registration System
Simply select your name from the pull down menu and hit "Enter" once. If your name is not listed then select ***Other*** at the top.

Sunday Club Shoots
Every Sunday we will be running a Club day. Either target or field. The only times these won't run is if we are hosting a tournament.
To register for this you must go through Archers Diary
This can be done via our The Archers Diary System
Select from the Pull down menu
Country: Australia
RGB: Archery Victoria
Club: Diamond Valley Archers
Then put your surname in the box. The system will show everyone with that name, select yours.
Once selected click the Flight bow to the right and make sure your bow type and age are correct.
If you are not sure, you can register at the club in the morning. (Don't let it put you off shooting) and we'll show you how it works.

3D Shoots
Upcoming 3D shoots can be pre-registered here