2024 State/National Indoor Championships

2024 State & National Indoor Championships @ DVA   


3 Flights available on both days, you will shoot the same flight on both days.

72 spots in total available

  • First flight starts at 8.30am sharp, 3 practice ends followed by scoring
  • Second flight starts at 11.00am sharp, 3 practice ends followed by scoring
  • Third Flight starts at 2:00pm sharp, 3 practice ends followed by scoring

Event Information:

Event Date (Start):  06-Jul-2024 
Event Date (Finish):  07-Jul-2024 
Online Registration Cutoff:  6-Jun-2024 : 11:59 PM 

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You will be selecting your preference on the flight you’d like to shoot and we will try to accomadate for it, however we have been instructed to allocate archers of the same bow type and division to the same flight as much as we can.
As such we may have to reallocate you to a different flight if needed, in such case you will be notified by us. 

Prices for both days are $50 for Adults and $40 for Juniors 

Registration and equipment inspection will commence approx 30 mins prior to each flight. 

There will be no catering available on the day, just vending machine snacks and drinks. 

Your Current AA (DIGITAL) / Affiliate card MUST be shown at registration – No Card, No Shoot. 

   Special Conditions 

  • All entrants and visitors must scan into the DVA QR code on arrival at the Club 
  • Valid AA membership cards and/or proof of current financial membership is required at registration on competition day 



Waiver:  Conditions of Entry

DVA Terms and Condition of events 

General T&C

  • The QR code MUST be scanned prior to shooting on premise, this is our Visitor attendance book and mandatory part of our insurance! The club holds the right to refuse entry to anyone who fails to comply with this directive. 
  • Archers must have a valid AA card with them and display them at the registration desk prior to shooting. It’s the responsibility of the individual to ensure that they have a card with them.
    No Card No Shoot! 
  • Equipment Inspection and registration on the day of competition should be completed no later than 30 minutes prior to the commencement of practice. Equipment Failure to do may result in cancellation of the archers right to participate, a refund will NOT be issued in these circumstances. 
  • Any patron registering for an event and entering the premises to undertake that event, agrees to follow the rules set for that Event and the Club rules as set in the DVA By-Laws. The DVA Club By-Laws are available for the public to view on the DVA Website [https://www.dva.asn.au/bylaws/] 
  • To ensure the safe and welcoming participation of every archer, it is expected that those who are spectating do not distract or interfere with those actively shooting and do not present unwelcome comments or actions. 
  • If there are any questions or issues please contact the event organisers as soon as you are able to email us tournaments@diamondvalleyarchers.onmicrosoft.com 

Entry & Withdraw/Refund Policy

  • Event Registration is to be made via AssembleSport and will close 30 Days prior to the commencement of the event. No Late entries will be accepted 
  • Should you wish to cancel your registration to the event, you must contact the organisers by EMAIL 35 Days prior to the commencement of the event. If you fail to inform the organisers that you no longer wish to participate within the given time frame then you will no longer be subject to a refund. 

Media Consent

By entering the proposed event on the registration form provided, you are consenting to the disclosure of personal information to be published on the Archery Victoria and Archery Australia websites, newsletter and other publications. This consent only applies to the following: 

  1. Photographs 
  1. Results of the event 
  1. Awards Scholarships, prizes received by entrants. 
  1. Other specific items identified by Archery Victoria and/or Archery Australia 

Entrants should be made aware that by giving this consent, they are permitting personal information about them to be published, which can be viewed by anyone who accesses the Archery Victoria and Archery Australia websites or other publications, and that if consent is withheld, this publication will be withheld. Entrants further understand that this consent may be withdrawn at any time, upon written notice, and that consent is given voluntarily. 

Code Of Conduct & Policies

  • Harassment and bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Any breach may result in the archer’s immediate disqualification and required that they leave the premises immediately. The final decision will be made by the committee members that may be present at the Club, or offsite and contacted by phone. All decisions made by the Committee will be final. Australia Code of Conduct. https://archeryaustralia.app.