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By-Laws of the Diamond Valley Archers Inc.

If any conflict of interpretation arises concerning these By-Laws, the DVA Saftey and Etiquette Guide and the Rules of Association, it will be resolved according to the following precedence:

  1. (1)  the Rules of Association, over and above;
  2. (2)  the By-Laws, over and above;
  3. (3)  the DVA Saftey and Etiquette Guide, over and above;
  4. (4)  any other publication or correspondence issued in the name of the Club


  1. (a)  DVA annual subscriptions fall due on the on the anniversary of a member joining the club
  2. (b)  The scale of subscriptions shall be determined by the Committee from time to time and reviewed annually. The base subscriptions and the formula for calculating annual increases shall be maintained in the Rules of Association and shall take effect unless changed by a Special Resolution carried at a General Meeting of the membership.

1.2 Membership Cards

  1. 1.3.1  Upon receipt of subscription payment, a new member will be issued with a Membership Card, duly signed by the Registrar or the Treasurer. Each new member will also be issued with a summary of the Club By-Laws presented as The Club’s Safety and Etiquette Guide.
  2. 1.3.2  Membership cards shall be issued to all members following the payment of subscriptions each year. Such cards shall be produced as proof of membership when asked to do so by a member of the Committee.
  3. 1.3.3  Current membership cards must be displayed on the members” person or on their equipment whilst they are shooting.
  4. 1.3.4  Full copies of the By-Laws are available to club members upon request

1.4 Re-admittance of Past Members

1.4.1 Following the lodgement of an application for membership from a person who has previously resigned from the Club, or whose membership has elapsed for any reason, that person may be subject to an interview before the Committee so as to ascertain the circumstances associated with seeking membership renewal.

1.5 Privacy

DVA Inc. has undertaken to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act, 1988 and the National Privacy Principles included in the Privacy Act (Private Sector) Amendment Act 2000.

DVA Inc. policy is to protect members’ privacy and personal information it may collect from time to time.

  1. 1.5.1  Personal information shall be collected by DVA Inc. for the primary purpose of membership requirements and/or competition purposes
  2. 1.5.2  Personal information collected by DVA Inc. shall be retained in a secure location in accordance with the Act, and for a further seven years in accordance with current Federal and State legislation governing document retention, before being destroyed.
  3. 1.5.3  Only staff authorised by the DVA Committee shall have access to the data file information. Hard copies of information will be stored in locked cabinets or equivalent off-site secured storage areas.

DVA Inc. By-Laws 1 of 10 Approved11th September 2013

  1. 1.5.4  Members’ personal information will only be used or disclosed by DVA Inc. as allowed by the Privacy Act 1988 and the National Privacy Principles included in the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act, 2000.
  2. 1.5.5  Members may, upon written request, access their own personal information which DVA Inc. has obtained from membership application. If, for any reason, DVA Inc. is not in a position to release personal information, for example in cases where it would be unlawful to do so, the member shall be notified of this refusal and the basis for it.

1.6 Security

For the security of club and members’ property, an alarm and video monitoring system is in operation in the Club equipment shed and the clubhouse.

  1. 1.6.1  Video media captured by the clubhouse security system shall be secured and shall only be accessed by designated DVA Committee members with Working with Children accreditation.
  2. 1.6.2  Security media shall only be examined in the event of a formal complaint of a potentially criminal nature lodged with the DVA Committee or Victoria Police.
  3. 1.6.3  Copies of security media shall only be provided to an authorised law enforcement agency in the event of a formal investigation and only if requested by that agency.


2.1 Tournaments and Competitions

2.1.1 On Inter-Club tournament days, members are required to pay those fees appropriate for the competition as laid down by the Tournament Committee. Where advised, some Club organised competitions shall fall into this category

2.2 Visitors

  1. 2.2.1  Only those people who are registered with 3DAAA or Archery Australia shall be permitted to shoot as visitors. ABA members are required to fill in a temporary membership form under AV / 3D AAA before shooting and pay a visitors fee. 
  2. 2.2.2  Prior to shooting, visitors are required to place their appropriate shooting fees in the envelopes supplied and fill in their name, the amount paid and the date, and deposit the sealed envelope in the visitors fee box provided.
  3. 2.2.3  Visiting shooters must be signed into the attendance book (By-Law 12) by a financial senior member of the club.
  4. 2.2.4  Club members signing in visitors shall be responsible for the conduct of those visitors whilst on club premises.
  5. 2.2.5  Visiting shooters who are bona fide members of another recognised Archery Club shall pay the required shooting fee. Frequent visitors in this category shall be requested to take out Associate Membership. For the purpose of determining ”frequent”, more than four (4) shooting visits per annum shall be applicable. (Such visits shall not include attendance at tournaments or other invitational shoots conducted by the club). By-Law 2.2.5 shall be displayed on the visitors shooting fee box.
  6. 2.2.6  Visiting shooters who are international shooters or Australian shooters that are bona fide members of another recognised Archery Club, are visiting Melbourne for a short period, require access to an archery club for practice and are vying to be an Australian Representative archer may be granted free temporary club membership and clubroom access – at the discretion of the committee. 3 ARCHER REGISTRATION
    1. 3.1  All shooting Members must be registered with Archery Victoria
    2. 3.2  Shooting Members wishing to register or renew registration with Archery Victoria Inc shall renew their membership online via the DVA website. 
    3. 3.3  Shooting Members wishing to register or renew registration with 3DAAA must do so directly through the 3daaa website.
  7. COLOURS, INSIGNIA AND SHOOTING DRESS CODE4.1 Club ColoursThe Club colours shall be navy, lime green and white4.2 Club Insignia.The official Club insignia (badge) shall be as the design below:Other designs, approved by the Committee, may be used for promotional and/or fundraising activities.4.3 Club Uniforms and Shooting Dress
    1. 4.3.1  Archers are often on public display and are encouraged to maintain an appropriate standard of dress
    2. 4.3.2  Club Uniform consists of upper garments of the club colours, that displays the Club badge / insignia, with optional contrasting collar trim.
    3. 4.3.3  Alternatively, windcheaters of approved colour and design bearing the Club insignia may be worn.
    4. 4.3.4  Club upper garments and badges are available for sale through the committee.4.4 Shooting DressClub uniform or neat casual attire is preferred at Club shoots / tournaments 4.4.1 Camouflage clothing is not allowed to be worn on the field course. 4.4.2 Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times when on the shooting ranges. Open-sided shoes, thongs or bare feet are not allowed under any circumstances on the indoor trarget range, the outside target range, practice butts or field course5 CLUBHOUSE AND ENVIRONS STANDING ORDERS
    1. 5.1  Archers are reminded of the possible hazard they may cause when bringing equipment into or through the clubhouse, and should take all possible care to avoid harm or injury to themselves and others.
    2. 5.2  The last Member leaving the premises shall ensure that all lights are turned off and that all doors and windows are locked.
    3. 5.3  Members shall wash-up and put away their utensils after use.
    4. 5.4  Sales of food, confectionery items and other beverages shall be the sole preserve of the committee.
    5. 5.5  The general cleanliness and tidiness of the clubhouse is the responsibility of each and every Club Member.
    6. 5.6  The Committee shall arrange with an appropriate person for the collection of rubbish bins.
    7. 5.7  The door to the committee room and storage room shall be kept locked when Committee Members are not in attendance.
    8. 5.8  Junior members (under 15 years) must be accompanied at all times by a supervising adult. – Now part of Child Supervision Policy6 FIELD COURSE STANDING ORDERS
    1. 6.1  The Club shall maintain a Field Course of at least one 24 target World Archery course with all-weather butts of appropriate materials.
    2. 6.2  Permanent warning signs shall be displayed around the perimeter of the field course(s) as a ”caution” warning to members of the public.
    3. 6.3  Induction to the Field course for new archers.
    1. 6.3.1  Before shooting on the field courses new archers are required to:a. Qualify to shoot the maximum distance of the round they are going to shoot for their bow type (Refer to section 16.2 Qualification standards)b. Complete a field course induction session under the guidance of a Field Contact as defined by the Field Tournament Director.
    2. 6.3.2  Field course induction sessions will explain the field course layout and all safety aspects of field shooting.
    3. 6.3.3  The Field Tournament Director will appoint Field Contacts.
    1. 6.4  Junior members (under 15 years) must be accompanied by a responsible adult Member of the club at all times whilst on the Field Course(s). – Now part of Child Supervision Policy
    2. 6.5  Qualified archers may NOT take non-qualified archers onto the field course.
    3. 6.6  Broadhead arrows are NOT to be shot on Club premises.
    4. 6.7  Field butts shall be consecutively numbered and the course adequately sign posted (directional arrows). Shooters shall progress always in the direction of the next highest numbered butt. Back tracking is not allowed.
    5. 6.8  Field Course butts shall be so positioned as to minimise as much as possible the potential hazard from stray arrows from other targets.
    1. 6.9  All shots/targets shall be so positioned as to avoid as much as possible any danger to other park users.
    2. 6.10  Shooters shall preferably shoot in groups of up to 5 people and are discouraged from shooting alone.
    3. 6.11  Any group of shooters looking for lost arrows shall ensure that following groups are aware of their presence, by appropriate means.
    4. 6.12  Archers shall comply with the general safety rules and field range safety rules recorded in the clubs Safety and Etiquette Guide.
    5. 6.13  All Members must have owners” initials on arrows.
    6. 6.14  Non-shooting children of archers are not to be left unattended without arranged adult supervision in the clubhouse or grounds and are to be under strict parental control whilst on shooting ranges.
    7. 6.15  Parents failing to comply with By-Law 6.14 shall be asked to withdraw from the shooting venue immediately to attend to their children.
    8. 6.16 At least one member of the group must carry a whistle for alerting others in the case of an emergency.
    1. 7.1  The Club shall maintain an adequate supply of all-weather butts constructed of appropriate materials
    2. 7.2  The target butt positions shall be consecutively numbered from the clubhouse to Yan Yean Rd.
    3. 7.3  Archers shall comply with the general safety rules and target range safety rules recorded in the clubs Safety and Etiquette Guide.
    4. 7.4  Archers shall enter and exit the target range from the concrete path behind the shooting line.
    5. 7.5  For safety reasons and to minimize personal equipment damage, no more than 3 archers shall shoot on any one target simultaneously.7.9 Having regard to others and their own safety when using the target range, archers should take due care when walking on to, across, and returning from the range. By-Laws 6.13, 6.14, 6.15 shall also apply to the Target Range8 CROSSBOW RANGE STANDING ORDERSUse of crossbows is governed by the Rules of Archery Australia and State and Federal legislation.
    1. 8.1  Crossbows are not generally permitted to be used on Club Premises.
    2. 8.2  Members wishing to use crossbows for competition purposes are required to apply to the Committee for an exemption to By-Law 8.1 and only crossbows that meet the defintion of a Target Crossbow (as defined by the World Crossbow Shooters Association) will be considered.9 INDOOR RANGE STANDING ORDERS
    1. 9.1  Only bows that have a peak or maximum draw weight of up to 60lbs are permitted to use the ”Stramit” target butts, bows with draw weights over 60lbs must use the ”bag” butts at either end of the target wall.
    2. 9.2  Archers using wooden arrows shall use the bag butts.
    3. 9.3  Archers shall comply with the general safety rules and indoor range safety rules recorded in the clubs Safety and Etiquette Guide. .9.5 Food and drinks should not be taken into the Indoor Range
    1. 9.6  Clean footwear should be worn into the Indoor Range; soiled footwear can be left outside the glass double doors. Please make great effort to clean footwear before entering indoor range
    2. 9.7  Members should limit power usage by turning the target lighting off when not being used.By-Laws 6.13, 6.14, 6.15 shall also apply to the indoor Range 10 RANGE SAFETY OFFICER / FIELD CAPTAIN10.1 The senior shooting Committee Member in attendance shall act in the capacity of Range Safety Officer, (unless a Range Safety Officer has been appointed by the Committee), to oversee all aspects of shooting safety, including field and indoor shooting.10.2 The R.S.O. shall exercise the final say in matters concerning shooting safety, and shall adjudicate any disputes as to which targets are used for what purpose and by whom, for both outside and indoor ranges Shooters shall comply with all reasonable requests m the interest of safety.11 FIRST AID11. 1Adequate first aid equipment shall be available and maintained in the first aid box kept within the clubhouse or elsewhere as necessary.12 INTOXICATING LIQUOR AND DRUGS OF ADDICTION12.1 No intoxicating liquor shall be brought to or consumed on the shooting line or field course and no intoxicated person shall be allowed to shoot.12.2 Liquor may only be consumed during licenced social events approved by the committee.12.3 The Committee shall ensure that a valid liquor licence is obtained to cover each club function at which alcohol will be consumed.12.4 Drugs, other than those supplied on a doctor”s prescription, shall not be brought to or used on Club premises, and no person under the influence of drugs shall be allowed to shoot.13 ATTENDANCE BOOK AND SIGN IN PROCEDURES13.1 The Secretary shall ensure that a suitable fixed page Attendance Visitors Book is maintained within the Clubhouse.13.2  All Members and visitors shall be required to sign the Attendance Book before shooting.13.3 Visitors shall sign and be countersigned in by a Member in accordance with By-Law 2.4.314  BEGINNERS” INSTRUCTION, INSTRUCTORS AND COMPETENCY14.1 Proficiency Testing: All applicants for shooting membership shall be required to undertake one of the following procedures:
    1. (a)  In the case of novices (including crossbowmen) a course of beginners instruction as conducted by the Clubs instructors; or
    2. (b)  satisfy the Coaching Co-ordinator and /or a shooting member of the Committee that they are a competent and safe shooter; or
    3. (c)  in the case of a crossbowman, agree to undertake informal safety instruction under the supervision of a Club Instructor or a competent Club crossbowman. 14.2 Beginners” Courses
    1. 14.2.1  The Club shall conduct Come-and-Try sessions throughout the year under the auspices of the Coaching Coordinator.
    2. 14.2.2  Certificates may be awarded to candidates who have satisfactorily completed a course of Beginners” Instruction, as determined by the Coaching Co-ordinator.
      1. 14.2.3  Beginners” Course fees shall be set by the Committee from time to time. These fees shall cover the usage of Club bows, arrows and accessories.
      2. 14.2.4  Those people who wish to continue in the sport shall be advised to visit an archery pro shop for their equipment needs. 14.3 Instructors
      1. 14.3.1  Wherever possible, those Members engaged in providing Beginners Instruction shall be qualified NCAS Level 1 Instructors with Archery Australia except that helpers may be instructors in training.
      2. 14.3.2  Notwithstanding sub-clause 14.3. 1, the person in charge of any Beginners” Course session shall be properly qualified or shall be a competent shooting member nominated by the Coaching Co-ordinator and shall comply with the requirements of the Working With Children Check.
      3. 14.3.3  The Coaching Coordinator shall maintain a list of members who are providing Beginners Instruction who will otherwise be referred to as the designated Club coaches. That list will be published on the Club notice board. website
      4. 14.3.4 All instructors must hold a current working with children”s check and must nominate DVA.15 BEGINNERS” EQUIPMENT15.1 Beginners” equipment is to be used for the express purpose of teaching beginners elementary archery, unless otherwise approved by either the Coaching Co-ordinator or the Property Officer.16 ADVANCED INSTRUCTION
      1. 16.1  The Coaching Co-ordinator may, from time to time, organise follow up Instruction for Club Members who request assistance regarding, bow tuning, arrow making, shooting form, string making etc. This advanced instruction shall be a free service to Club Members.
      2. 16.2  Qualification Standards
      1. 16.2.1  All shooting members of DVA must attain the minimum qualification standard for the distance and style they wish to shoot.
      2. 16.2.2  For the purposes of qualification, the following are considered different styles: Recurve, Barebow Recurve, Longbow & Traditional, Compound Barebow, Compound
      3. 16.2.3  All qualification scores are to be shot on a 122cm target face
      4. 16.2.4  The minimum qualification score at a single distance is the score equivalent to the 3rd class minimum rating as listed in Archery Australia Constitution and Shooting Rules Chapter 4 and translated into the individual distance scores according to Schedule 4D Rating Tables.a score of 150/300 at every distance on a 122cm face.Maximum required distance for qualification is40m for Longbow/Barebow50m for Sighted Recurve70m for CompoundOnce that distance is achieved the archer is considered fully qualified and can move back further in distance.
      5. 16.2.5  All qualification scores shall be recorded on a club scorecard, witnessed by one of the designated Club coaches or instructors (as per By Law 14.3.3) and submitted to the Club Recorder.
      6. 16.2.6  The required maximum qualification distances to obtain approval to use the field course are40m for Adult30m for Junior
      7. 16.2.7  Members who are new to the sport must start at the minimum qualification distance and qualify at that distance before advancing to the next greater distance.
      8. 16.2.8  New members who have previous archery experience may nominate a distance at which they will attempt to qualify under the supervision of one of the designated Club coaches. Failure to qualify at the nominated distance will result in them being treated as a novice and subject to By- Laws 16.2.1 – Notwithstanding 16.2.3-16.2.8, a shooting Committee Member or designated Club coach may assess a novice archer as competent during the running of an Advanced Instruction session.17 WORKING BEES
        1. 17.1  The Property Officer shall periodically declare a Working Bee for the establishment or maintenance of Clubhouse, grounds and/or targets. Reasonable notice shall be given via a newsletter or circular, by announcements on the notice board and postings on the website.
        2. 17.2  Ordinarily, one day of the weekend (as notified) prior to a major Club hosted tournament will automatically be a Working Bee, unless otherwise stated.
        3. 17.3  Working Bees will normally commence at 9am and cease at 3pm except as otherwise directed.
        4. 17.4  Attendance at Working Bees is a moral responsibility of all Members. Apologies for non-attendance should be directed to the Property Officer.
        5. 17.5  Should a Member wish to shoot before and/or after a declared Working Bee, that Member must have, or is intending to, participate in the Working Bee on that day.
        6. 17.6  There shall be no shooting during declared Working Bees.18 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS – To be Updated
        1. 18.1  Club Championships shall be held at a time agreed by the Committee.
        2. 18.2  Championships shall be determined for Target and Field or as determined by the Committee.
        3. 18.3  Rules for the conduct of Club Championships shall be as determined by the Committee. Suitable perpetual trophies shall be kept in the Clubhouse.
        1. 18.5  No Club beginners” equipment shall be used in the Club Championships.
        2. 18.6  Entries shall be forwarded to the Shoot Director prior to the commencement of each respective event.
        3. 18.7  Only those Members entered for the Club Championships will be eligible to claim the Championship Trophy.
        4. 18.8  Only competent shooting members shall participate in the Club Championships
        5. 18.9  The Shoot Director shall adjudicate, and have the final say, on any disputes or other matters relating to the conducting of the Club Championships.19 MONTHLY SHOOTS
        1. 19.1  The Committee shall endeavour to organise nominal monthly Field and Target competitions.
        2. 19.2  The rules for monthly shoots shall be determined by the Committee.20 INTERCLUB TOURNAMENTS
        1. 20.1  The Club shall apply each year to the Governing Associations to host Interclub Tournaments. The rounds and duration of the rounds shall be determined by the Committee.
        2. 20.2  The committee shall ensure there is a tournament director for each interclub tournament that is hosted by the club. This may be a committee member or an appointed position.
        3. 20.3  The tournament director shall provide a plan and budget to the committee for approval before publishing the tournament entry form and description.
        4. 20.4  The tournament director shall provide to the committee a final financial accounting within 4 weeks of the completion of the tournament.21 SHOOTING TIMES AND FREQUENCY
          1. 21.1  Club Members may shoot any day of the year except Thursday evenings from 6:30pm when Members of the Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club have exclusive use of the clubhouse.
          2. 21.2  Shooting times for the outdoor venues shall be from dawn to dusk. There are no restrictions during daylight hours for the use of the Indoor Range, apart from Thursday evenings the use of the Indoor range is available to Club Members at all other times, provided Members are aware of their responsibilities to conserve power as much as possible. (refer to By-Law 9.4)
          3. 21.3  Notwithstanding By-Law 21.2 the Committee may from time to time hire the clubhouse to other sporting or community groups. The Committee shall ensure that Members are notified of these times as to cause minimal disruption to Club Members and hirers.
          4. 21.4 The Indoor Range is reserved for the running of Come and Try Classes on Monday Nights from 7:30pm to 9:00pm. Members can not shoot in the indoor range at this time unless the supervising coach allows.Also reserved on Saturday Afternoons 4:30-5:30 for Jr Development Classes. 22 COMMITTEE MEETINGS
          1. 22.1  The minimum requirements for committee meetings are defined in the Rules of Association. The committee shall meet monthly in the clubhouse except as otherwise arranged.
          2. 22.2  The Secretary shall post the date of the next committee meeting on the club notice board.
          3. 22.3  Members wishing to raise an issue for discussion at a committee meeting shall provide written notice to the Secretary at least 2 days prior to the next scheduled meeting date.23 JOINT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE
          1. 23.1  The Committee of DVA shall nominate three Members of the Club as representatives to attend the meetings of the Joint Management Committee of the Diamond Valley Archers and the Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club.
          2. 23.2  The JMC reps shall report the deliberations of the JMC meetings to the Committee as required.
          3. 23.3  The Treasurer will regularly provide the Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club with an itemised invoice showing the bills paid by Diamond Valley Archers on behalf of the JMC. The Northern Suburbs Fly Fishing Club have agreed to pay 20% all the running expenses of the club house facilities.24 MINUTES OF MEETINGS24.1 Notwithstanding the requirements of the Rules of Association, the minutes of all Committee and General Meetings shall be posted on the appropriate notice board within the Clubhouse25 PURCHASE AUTHORIZATION
          1. 25.1  Committee members shall be empowered to commit the Club, for the provision of necessary requisites and /or materials, to a maximum of $200.00 provided the concurrence of at least four (4) other Committee Members has been obtained
          2. 25.2  All bills for payment must be passed by the Committee, except for regular bills which may be paid prior then ratified at the next Committee meeting.26 OFFICERS EXPENSES26.1 Committee Members shall be entitled to reimbursement for the cost of incidentals associated with the execution of their duties subject to the ratification by the full Committee27 CERTIFICATION OF BOOKS OF ACCOUNT27.1 The Club”s books of account shall be subject to annual examination by a qualified person so as to verify that they accurately reflect the affairs of the Club. A full audit may be undertaken at the discretion of the Committee.28 CLUBHOUSE KEYCODE ACCESS28.1 Keycard access may be provided to financial Club Members subject to approval by the Committee. All applications for access must be made in writing and addressed to the Secretary.28.2 It is the responsibility of the Club Member NOT to hand their access card to anyone else, but to direct any access enquiries by others to a Committee Member.28.3 All Cards remain the property of DVA and must be returned to the club when no longer needed. 29 CLUBHOUSE SECURITY29.1 It is the responsibility of each and every Club Member to endeavour to keep the Clubhouse free from unauthorised access.29.2 Members shall LOCK the Clubhouse (regardless of whether there are cars in the car park or not) when:- They are the last to leave- They are going to the Field Course and no other Member is in or around the Clubhouse- They are going to use the outdoor Target Range and no other Member is in or around the Clubhouse.29.3 Locking up shall include checking all appropriate lights have been turned off and checking the external doors are locked.30 NOTICES TO MEMBERS30.1 The Club shall publish a periodical newsletter, send out flyers, and/or post notices on the notice boards and/or update website or social media accounts to keep Members informed of current and future events.31 SCORECARDS31.1 Only correctly completed and properly signed scorecards will be processed by the Recorder32 OFFICE BEARERS DUTIES32.1 Office Bearers duties shall be maintained in the Rules of Association33 BY-LAW AMENDMENTS33.1 By-Laws may be recorded, modified and/or added to by the Committee as they see fit.