Covid-19 Return to Stage 3

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Covid-19 Return to Stage 3

On July 9th Victoria returned to stage 3 restrictions. These are expected to last at least 6 weeks.

During this stage there are 4 reasons to leave home.

Shopping for food and essential items. 
Care and caregiving. 
Daily exercise. 
Work and study — if you can’t do it from home.

Now we know many of our members consider their archery part of their daily exercise. However this is not seen that way by government and the club has been directed:

“Explicitly, community sport is no longer a permitted reason to leave your house.
Therefore, Nillumbik Shire Council, in line with those restrictions, are prohibiting access to all Council owned facilities, including sporting facilities like pavilions, clubrooms, change rooms and canteens for the length of the Stage 3 restrictions, starting on 8 July, at 11:59pm.”

We hope this clears up anyone wondering what’s happening with the club. We know some clubs in other areas have been allowed to remain open, however we are not one of those clubs.

Stay safe and thanks for your cooperation.