Target Archery

What Round do I shoot?

DVA has a long and strong history in target shooting. We have produced State, National and international champions as well as VIS and AIS scholarship holders.

Target archery involves shooting at stationary targets at ranges from 18m to 90m (depending on age etc.). A target archer shoots up to 144 arrows in a 'round' and must rely on good technique and good equipment setup in order to achieve their best. The most competitve form of archery in Victoria with competitions being held all around the country on a regular basis.

DVA is affiliated with Archery Victoria (AV) and Archery Australia (AA) who are the governing bodies for target archery in Australia. AA is also affiliated with FITA who are the world governing body.

Target archers will have the opportunity to attempt for state and national teams at junior and adult level. National team members may have the opportunity to travel overseas to the world championships and even the Olympic games.

Target Archery also involves 'Matchplay', which is the type of competition shot at the World Championships and Olympic games. Matchplay involves archers facing off in a one on one shoot out for the final winner. DVA is the only club in Victoria to shoot matchplay rounds. (mostly indoor)

The two most common types of bows used in target archery are the Recurve Bow and the Compound bow.
Recurve is the only bow type used at the Olympic games and is bound by strict rules on equipment used. A Recurve bow has long limbs that flex a great deal and are drawn using a single string. Recurve archers may only draw and release the bow with their fingers. As an arcer draws the bow further back it becomes heavier in weight, which helps lead to it's high skills demand.

Compound bows use a pulley system to help produce higher speeds and lower holding weights than recurve bows. While not recognised at the Olympics, compound bows are still very popular and are able to compete at World Championship level. Not as limited by rules, compound archers are able to use release aids (mechanical devices for releasing the string) and magnified sights.

Visit us at the club for more info on getting into target shooting.
Target archery websites include Australia's most popular archery website FITA's website Archery Australia's website : Archery Victoria's website : The Australian Indoor Championships Site