Outdoor League

The Spring Outdoor League has begun!

Outdoor League is up and running and we want YOU to come and join us!

Leagues are for everyone to come along and participate in to help hone our archery skills.

The leagues are a handicap system so they allow everyone to compete together.

New archers: Shoot a distance that you are comfortable with as you gain familiarity with the your new sport and with your equipment. Also great way to meet fellow club members.

Have a question, we’re all here to answer them.

Experienced archers: Your chance to do some dedicated practice and get better at shooting in a formatted round. If the distance is too short, talk to the organizer and request a longer round.

So come along and join the fun. No matter your age, bow type or experience level. Lets do it!!

Standings can be found here each week. (will be moved to DVA site soon)