As part of DVA’s commitment to safety and development, there are rules in place for archers to follow before they can proceed to longer target distances and go onto the field course. Qualifying is also designed to minimise equipment damage. 

New archers are provided with a colour coded distance card, showing the maximum distance they can shoot unsupervised. 

To qualify at each distance an archer must achieve a minimum score of 150 from 300. 

Qualifying rounds must be shot during the Saturday leagues or at other pre-arranged times with Club members who can supervise and sign-off the qualifying scorecards

All scorecards must be signed off by a club coach/Club Official/Come N Try Instructor. Qualifying scores, procedures and a current list of coaches can be found on the DVA website. 

Archers must qualify at a distance before proceeding to the next distance.

 If you want to shoot a different bow style YOU MUST RE-QUALIFY for that bow style.

If in doubt, ask!

Field Qualifying

Before proceeding onto the field course, you must qualify to your maximum peg distance on the target range: 
50m for all Sighted bows 
40m for Barebow Compound & Recurve
30m for Longbow
(take off 10 m for Juniors).

Archers must arrange an “introduction to the field course” with a Field Contact member or on one of the Field Introductions days held by the Saturday League.