Safety & Etiquette


Archery is a fun sport of all the family and to ensure that everyone enjoys their archery in a safe environment all participants need to be aware of and follow the basic rules of safety and etiquette contained in this guide.

Following etiquette rules is about acknowledging the rights of others and that the club is managed by other members who volunteer their time.

So please make an effort to help run the club successfully. Failure to follow the safety rules can have serious consequences. For example:

• You may be exposing other archers and members of the public to unnecessary risk of injury or worse.

• You may not be able to claim against the clubs public liability insurance

•Your club membership may be revoked
So please follow these basic rules and enjoy your archery.


1. A bow with a nocked arrow may only be drawn when:

  • The archer is on the shooting line of the target range, the indoor range or a shooting peg on the field range.
  • The arrow is pointed toward the target.
  • It is safe to shoot.

2. When drawing a bow with a nocked arrow the bow
must be drawn so that the arrow remains near
horizontal and does not point in a skyward direction.

3. Only proceed to the target to collect your arrows when all archers have finished shooting.

4. No alcohol is to be consumed in the club grounds or clubrooms with the exception of licenced social events approved by the committee.

5. Only use target points in your arrows (no broad heads).


1. Only shoot from the marked shooting line at the north end of the range with the following exceptions.

By mutual agreement of those shooting archers may choose to:

a. Shoot from the 10 metre line so they can be in the sun on cold days
b. Shoot from between the shooting line and the concrete path in the late evening so the shade cloth shades their eyes while shooting

2. When shooting independently of other archers (that
is shooting and collecting your arrows at different
times) there must be at least two safety lanes between the archers and three safety lanes if the archers are shooting at different distances or are shooting 60 meters or more.
3. Do not walk across safety lanes.
4. Do not use the 2 lanes nearest the clubhouse (lanes1 and 2) -tournaments excepted.
5. If you are shooting less then 30 metres then please
use the lanes furthest from the clubhouse.


1. Only shoot from the 18 metre line at the south end of the range unless by mutual agreement of those shooting you agree to shoot from a different distance.

2. When shooting independently of other archers (that is shooting and collecting your arrows at different times) there must be at least 6 safety lanes between the archers.

3. There must be no more than 2 archers or groups of archers shooting independently at any time.

4. Do not walk across safety lanes.


1. Only enter the field course where you can approach the shooting peg without crossing target lanes.

2. Targets must be shot in numeric order. Please do not back -‐ track or wander around.

3. Junior archers must be accompanied by an adult archer.

4. Do not wear camouflage clothing.

5. Do not smoke on the field course.

6. The committee recommend that archers shoot in groups of between 2 and 5.

7. Do not use the field range on days of extreme fire danger or during other extreme weather conditions.

8. All archers will carry a whistle to

Alert members of the public & other archers of danger using the following warning system:
• If a member of the public is seen near the field course, sound your whistle once to alert nearby

archers to USE CAUTION.
• If a member of the public is seen on the field course or a dangerous situation, sound your
whistle twice to alert nearby archers to
• Sound you whistle three times to signify ALL CLEAR


1. Please display your membership card.

2. Please sign in when you arrive at the club.

3. When you finish shooting on the target range, please return the target face to the clubrooms.

4. Return target range butts to the correct distance. The last 10 target butts (used for come-n‐try sessions) should be placed at the 10 and 20 metre lines.

5. Please clean up after yourself and put your rubbish in the bins provided.

6. If the clubhouse is busy then please keep your equipment out of the clubroom and do not wear your quiver in the clubhouse.

7. No junior archers or other children are to be left at the club unattended.

8. Make an effort to attend working bees.

9. Be aware of the location of the First Aid box; the automatic defibrillator and the fire extinguishers.

10. Please treat all club members and visitors with courtesy and respect.