3D and Field Archery

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Field Archery is shooting in a bush style setting at a variety of distances and targets. Archers walk through a course that is set out in advance with a series of challenging shots designed to off more challenge than straight up target shooting. 

There is a variety of field games with DVA offering World Archery Field (formally known as FITA Field) and 3D archery. 

3D Archery is usually unmarked (no distance given) and shot at 3D foam animal shaped targets. This gives it a huge number of variables as you have to work out the distance and also where the score zones are.
3D is the biggest form of competitive archery in the USA attracting most of their top professional archers.

We run regular shoots and competitions and while challenging, field is great for people of all abilities. 

24 Marked Target Course Records (updated November 2018)

Red Peg
Compound: Dennis Carson – 377
Recurve: Markus Kuhrau – 307

Blue Peg
Compound: Harri Howden – 376
Recurve: Jai Crawley (FAC) – 300
Barebow: Michael Fisher – 324

Yellow Peg
Compound: Conrad Retschko (MAC)- 307
Recurve: Finn Tobin – 306
Longbow: Stephen Olah – 243

Field Information

For safety, DVA recommends that you don’t go down on the field course by yourself.
You must be qualified to shoot on the field course (See “Field Qualifying” section)

You must sign in the SIGN-IN BOOK before going onto the field course and upon your return.
If you loose an arrow on the field course, please make a note of it in the LOST ARROW RESISTER (kept near the sign in book).
In case of emergency, there is a key to the field course gate hanging on the wall just inside the club room entrance.

Field Qualifying

Before proceeding onto the field course, you must qualify to your maximum peg distance on the target range: 
50m for all Sighted bows
40m for Barebow Compound & Recurve
30m for Longbow
(take off 10 m for Juniors).

Archers must arrange an “introduction to the field course” with a Field Contact member or on one of the Field Introductions days held by the Saturday Leaugue.