When attending any facility at DVA please do not forget to sign in and scan any relevant QR codes.


DVA has fully functioning club rooms that contain the capabilities of a full kitchen, a vending machine, a fireplace, split system air conditioning, equipment storage and setup area and an indoor toilet.

DVA does share this facility with the Northern Fly Fishing Club.


A functional thirteen lane range with heating on the shooting line and air conditioning. Work benches, a bow press and a bow scale are readily available to members. At 18m down range you will find a Rinehart block target wall which allows for an arrow friendly experience. Two lanes allow for closer observation through the Hawkeye system cameras under great lighting. Overall a well lit and inviting area.

Open 24/7 with the only restriction being Thursday nights when DVA members are not to attend the clubrooms from 6:30pm onwards. Through a mutual agreement the clubrooms are being utilised during this time by the Northern Fly Fishing Club.


Twenty Eight lanes equipped with branded and trusted Eleven target butts. The target range is definitely a staple in DVAs atmosphere. Open sunrise to sunset for all members with available distances ranging from 20m to 90m (members must be qualified to shoot whatever distance they choose). Also enjoyed periodically by the multitude of local wildlife surrounding the club.

The first and second lane are currently only reserved for use during competitions and for safety reasons are not to be used during training.


Until further notice this whole course is currently closed to all members due to maintenance.

A stunning field course comprised of three courses varying in difficulty. Each course is a twelve target course and each one is embedded in beautiful Yarambat bush land. Make sure to have proper footwear and follow the field course safety protocols set out. During warmer months also please look out for the snakes that we share the land with, be sure not to disturb their homes and if you see one please be sensible and leave them be. Distances in the field courses vary from 5m to 60m depending on your age and division.

Only open to members who are qualified to at least 40m.